The Pultrusion Process

The Pultrusion Process for Fiberglass Grating

Not all fiberglass or fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) products are created equally. One of the key benefits to the pultruded process for fiberglass production is the continuous nature of the process. In nature, growth is continuous, which is why nature creates some of the strongest materials with the greatest mechanical properties.

With pultrusion ― a combination of pulling and extrusion pioneered in the fiberglass industry ― you get the inherent strength and economical advantage of continuous manufacturing. This material is then used to create our FRP grating for use in many different types of building and reinforcement installations.

Advantages of Pultruded Over Other Fiberglass Products

There are several advantages to choosing fiberglass products that have been created through a pultrusion process over other manufacturing methods. Fiberglass by nature offers greater strength per mass than steel, aluminum or concrete, but different types of fiberglass, like pultruded fiberglass grating, offers even more benefits:

    • Continuity: Due to the continuous nature of pultrusion, there are no breaks or separations in the material. Breaks and separations act as stress concentrations and can lead to early failure.
    • Consistent thickness: Another key to the strength of FRP products such as grating is a consistent cross-sectional thickness, which reduces variations in tensile strength and wear.
    • Reduced weight: With improved strength and dimensional control comes the potential for weight reduction. Our FRP grating can be produced at minimal thickness tolerances for reduced weight.
    • Simplified manufacturing: Guaranteeing a constant thickness and structural properties means we can produce our grating faster and more reliably. We pass these economies on to you.

Here at Marco Fiberglass, we’re always striving to add value to the products we sell. For our FRP grating, we consider the pultrusion process for fiberglass to be the best way to manufacture high-quality, durable grating that suits all of your applications. Our FRP grating is lightweight, easy to cut, easy to install and offers years of corrosion-resistant service to all of your building reinforcement projects.

Quality Materials for Quality Building

You can’t have a durable and resistant building without using the right construction materials and reinforcement products. When you choose FRP grating created through the pultrusion process from Marco Fiberglass, you’re taking the necessary steps to guarantee a long service life. This represents significant savings for your customers who will benefit from faster, more efficient installation and lower maintenance costs over time.

We’re sure that there’s an FRP grating product available for your next project. Contact our team today and tell us about your grating reinforcement needs. We’ll find the right solution that’s adapted to the scope and scale of your project. When you see all of the great advantages of pultruded fiberglass grating, you’ll understand why more and more of our customers are choosing this strong, consistent and resistant material for all of their building installations and repairs.

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