FRP Tread Covers Are The Safe Solution

If your workplace, oil rig, or commercial facility has steps that are used by your customers, clients, or employees on a regular basis, you want to make it as safe as possible. That includes making your steps as slip-resistant and skid-free as you can. FRP stair covers are one of the best ways to create a safe working environment. Here’s why.

FRP for slippery stairs is a long-lasting solution that avoids much of the wear and tear of untreated steps. You can avoid wood steps dipping in the middle and the finish wearing off when FRP treads are installed. It can also increase the visual appeal of your stairs and increase the value of your commercial property or rig.

FRP offers unbeatable anti-slip protection. Stairs can become worn and start to sag over time. When left untreated, that creates a hazardous slip and fall situation. FRP protection prevents stair climbers from falling and sustaining injuries and other mishaps. FRP protection is also lightweight and cost effective. That makes it easy to install and maintenance friendly. You’ll be able to install FRP for slippery stairs protection and instill the peace of mind you need to keep your organization running smoothly at a price that fits your budget.

FRP for slippery stairs hold up to the most corrosive of environments. Whether that’s an oil rig or a factory, FRP protection offers a slip resistant surface you can depend on. It can combat the dangers of salt, salt water, commercial waste, and other slipping hazards. FRP coatings resist erosion from constant moisture and continuous cleaning. Improving employee safety does more than limit your liability and lessen the risk of workplace accidents. It also increases employee morale and productivity. When employees know they’re in a safe environment, they work with greater confidence.

FRP Stair Treads

Of course, whenever possible we recommend replacing existing stairs with FRP stair treads which are lightweight and easy to install. Marco Fiberglass stair treads are available in molded FRP or pultruded FRP.

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When safety is your responsibility, you’ll love the immediate anti-skid, anti-slip safety you’ll get with FRP for slippery stairs. Contact Marco Fiberglass today for an educational consultation.

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