Wind Energy

FRP Grating for Wind Energy

Fiberglass Grating and structurals provide significant benefits to help achieve success at high-speed winds, which are typically farther out to sea.

Fiberglass Grating Benefits for Wind Energy Applications

A chief advantage of fiberglass grating is that the material is resistant to all kinds of corrosion and damage, including that caused by salt water. When the spray comes with high winds, the higher the resistance the better.

A few of the other key characteristics of fiberglass where wind energy will see gains include:

  • Strength; fiberglass grating and structurals are pound-for-pound stronger than sheet metal.
  • Will not rust.
  • Can create watertight seals, which you can see in its use in FRP for water tanks.
  • Fire retardant and heat resistant.
  • Poor conductor of electricity, so stronger potential to protect internal components during storms.
  • Significant design leeway to adjust shape and length to best meet the current deployment.
  • Stable pricing for both development and parts replacement.
  • RF transparent, allowing it to house electronics and reporting technologies with minimal interference.
  • Among the least expansion and contraction under extremes in heat, cold and stress, compared to metals, woods and plastics.

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