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FRP for Water Treatment PlantsPultruded Fiberglass Overview water treatment

Water and wastewater treatment plants have relied on traditional stairs, railing and platforms for years, but they’re starting to discover the many safety and structural benefits found when using fiberglass for water treatment plants.

Water and wastewater services need to withstand significant erosion and usage, so plants often aim for materials that will last the longest and provide the safest environment for their workers. There is also a concern for cost because of the margins these industries often face.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) has held its price low but maintained significant corrosion resistance, making it a new choice for many water treatment plants as the cost of traditional materials and commodities rises.

FRP Flooring for Water Treatment Plants

Fiberglass for water treatment plants is becoming common in the flooring as well as railing because of a variety of resistances that FRP provides.

Some of the key advantages of fiberglass reinforced plastic in water and wastewater applications include:

  • Cost reductions because thinner planks and flooring can withstand higher weights
  • Ease in customization with standard tools, such as wood saws, for in-the-field customization
  • Improved safety ratings compared to materials such as wood and aluminum
  • Labor and freight cost reductions during installation and shipments
  • Long-term resistance in wet applications and reduced slippage
  • No rotting or rusting to help maintain both safety and overall appearance
  • Reduction in maintenance requirements, especially compared to traditional materials that may warp over time due to moisture exposure

There are also FRP applications in a variety of elements specific to water treatment plants and their related grating, catwalks and supports.

FRP Structural Shapes for Water Treatment Plants

Marco Fiberglass offers many different FRP structural shapes, including round tubes, embedment angles, channels, angles, square tubes and wide flange beams. We also fabricate ladders, safety cages, trench covers, vault covers, walkways, handrails at basins and trickling filters. All products are available with NSF potable water certification.

Custom Fabricating from Marco Fiberglass

Marco Fiberglass provides multiple FRP products for water treatment plants, including standard elements as well as unique, custom services.

Ask us about special components that provide safe walkways in tight spaces, make room for heat panels and level gauges, contain multiple ladders to compensate large teams and handrails to keep every movement safe.

Contact us directly by calling 1-800-200-3047 or using our website quote request tool.

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