FRP for Recreational Fun and Fitness

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is the perfect solution for recreational fun spaces. It is able to withstand harsh conditions like chlorinated water and the sun. Recreational FRP is put to the test, and passes with flying colors.

Benefits of FRP Applications for Recreational Fun

• Corrosion and rot resistant: absorbs little moisture and therefore, won’t rot, rust or warp from exposure to water, chlorine, salt or pool chemicals
• Light weight, high strength: FRP construction materials weigh a fraction of steel, easy to transport and to install
• Size/Dimension stability: doesn’t shrink or swell like wood
• Long-lasting: has a longer life span than traditional building materials
• Non-conductive: does not conduct electricity
• Non-Slip Surface: is non-slippery, even when wet
• Easy to maintain: does not need painting because it comes molded in color

FRP for Water Parks, Theme Parks and Pools

Using our fiberglass FRP materials in place of corrosion-capable metals or rot-capable woods for water parks and pool construction reduces downtime, cuts maintenance costs and improves the general aesthetics of your facility.

Macro Fiberglass provides FRP construction for water parks and pools at costs that won’t give your wallet a hit; from dynamic waterpark structures to simple handrails, footbridges and walkways, we’ve got you covered. Our FRP structures won’t rot and smell like wood and weighs so much less than steel. Its application is endless, as FRP can be cut into different profiles and shapes using our CNC machines.

Fiberglass Grating for Fitness

Fitness areas can have harsh environments, especially around pool and sauna areas. Fiberglass grading is a good safe surface. FRP’s non-skid surface protects against slips and falls. It also has the ability to stand up against harsh environments like chlorine. These factors make it a great grating solution for the fitness world.

FRP for Parks and Zoos

Fiberglass FRP is a good solution when parks and zoos are looking for an aesthetically pleasing, safe, corrosion resistant material for many areas. Fiberglass grating’s ability to remain safe even when wet makes it a good solution for foot bridges, piers, decks, showers, pool walkways, feeding areas, batting cages and park equipment. FRP structural shapes don’t absorb water therefore don’t rot like other standard building materials. FRP is also used behind the scenes in many zoos to create safe and comfortable cage environments for animals.

Fabricated Structurals and Grating

Marco Fiberglass is an expert fabricator of FRP structural shapes for recreational environments. Typical FRP fabrications include beam, column and plate structures, platforms and deck structures as well as other custom fabrications involving grating and handrail.

Custom Architectural FRP Handrail and Fencing

Custom-made architectural FRP handrail and fencing systems are built to withstand things like corrosive salt-water with ease while being a solid and attractive addition to any recreational environment. FRP handrail and fencing systems can be made to meet a variety of color preferences with a unique combination of rails that meet ADA requirements to bring additional safety and beauty to your property.

FRP Stair Tread

Marco Fiberglass has a wide variety of FRP stair tread covers and stair treads to meet your aesthetic and safety needs, which are important in all recreational circumstances.

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