Power Plants

FRP in Power Plant Systems

You’ll Find FRP Grating and Structurals Throughout Power Plants

Fiberglass plastics have become a new standard for power plants and their piping systems as the industry becomes more familiar with the lower maintenance costs of FRP. In recent years, our work in power plants has also been improved because of increased cost savings as other commodities such as nickel continue to rise in price.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic has become a standard thanks to its ability to deliver loss costly construction while maintaining the safety and reliability required by today’s power engineers. FRP grating is also used in many structures such as stairs, handrails systems, ladders, and other structural systems, where it allows for a safer working environment.

Cost Efficiency in Fiberglass Grating for Power Plants

At Marco Fiberglass, we often tout the cost savings of FRP, but you don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to fiberglass plastics for power plants. Power Engineering conducted a review of FRP installments and other power plant material installments all across the United States. It found that FRP costs were competitive to common acid brick-lined and rubber-lined carbon steel, while being notably less expensive than an alloy clad carbon steel.

For grating, resin-coated carbon steel did have an install cost less than FRP, but the magazine noted that its higher maintenance and replacement costs meant that FRP still has a lower life cycle cost!

Choosing Smart FRP for Power Plants

Power plants can be home to a large array of hazardous materials and conditions. Therefore, selecting the right FRP requires a conversation about the resins to be used, the design of each part, its fabrication and installation. Marco Fiberglass has worked with many power plants and can bring our knowledge and expertise to your setting to help you make the proper selection and achieve optimal safety and lifetime cost savings.

FRP Phenolic Grating is the Smart Choice

Power plants have a variety of unique and harsh environments where flooring and piping must continue to perform. For example, few other industry applications will expose flooring and piping to dry gas in a range of up to 600° F. Liquid environments where FRP is in power plant piping systems will operate above 200° F. FRP grating is also available in phenolic grade, which is ideal for an area where extreme heat or fire is a significant risk. Choosing phenolic grade FRP grating is the smartest and safest choice for an area with harsh conditions.

We understand established industry practices as well as new areas where epoxies are providing significant strength to withstand increasing pressure and temperature for wastewater, cooling systems and pollutant absorbents. Highly corrosive and abrasive environments are becoming common as new purification and cleaning systems are installed on older plants looking to reach new environmental protection standards.

Find More Savings and Safety with Marco Fiberglass

Marco Fiberglass has been providing custom fiberglass FRP products since 1992. Our 35,000 square foot facility can produce the quality and quantity that you need, no matter how large your power plant upgrade is. Learn more and see the benefits you’ll experience with fiberglass grating and plastics for power plants.

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