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Phenolic FRP Fabricated for Oil Refinery

Oil refineries are places of extremes, so materials for flooring, rigging, ladders and panels need to withstand significant hazards. From fires and thermal activities to saltwater sprays and corrosive elements, fiberglass FRP materials for oil refineries is always a worthwhile endeavor.

Marco Fiberglass has expertise in all of these deployments and can assist you with protecting your employees in the exact way they need. We’re there at every step from helping you choose the right resin for your specific need to ensuring that every piece meets the OSHA yellow safety colors to keep your operations compliant.

Applications in the oil refinery and overall oil sector where Marco Fiberglass has decades of experience include:

  • Standard Refineries
  • Floating Facilities and Plants
  • Land and Shoreline Rigs
  • Marine Terminals
  • Offshore Drilling Rigs and Platforms
  • Oil and Gas Processing Plants
  • Processing Skids
  • Storage Facilities
  • Structural Shapes
  • Subsea Manifolds
  • And many more

Oil Refineries Use of Phenolic Grating

Phenolic grating is used in refineries due to its ability to withstand extreme conditions, where heat or fire is a danger. It’s approved by the USCG by passing excessive heat testing. Conditions offshore can be dangerous due to the risk of fire which is why Phenolic FRP is a good solution. It is available in pultruded or molded grating. We have written a blog that explains how Phenolic grating works well in the industry, read our blog: ‘FRP Phenolic Grating is the Best Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry’

Benefits of FRP for Oil Refineries

FRP for oil refineries, especially fiberglass flooring, is a top material of choice because our plastics won’t rust, spark or corrode. They’re able to protect your employees as they walk across floors, catwalks, railings, stairs and more. Ladders and their cages can also benefit from a fiberglass structure.

Your staff will thank you for choosing FRP because of its many benefits, including:

  • High strength-to-weight ratio. Achieve the strength and safety of steel at a weight that allows your employees to quickly, safely and easily carry grating, ladders and flooring.
  • Little maintenance due to a long lifetime. Achieve a low lifetime cost compared to traditional materials and reduce the need for repairs, repainting, sanding and more thanks to its increased durability.
  • Simple installation, allowing for cutting, moving, reinstalling and changing all with standard tools.
  • Resistant to humidity so it won’t rot, swell, shrink or change shape.
  • Impact resistant to take the continual use of man and machine. FRP mats and flooring withstand consistent impacts and properly spread it throughout the flooring for minimal harm.
  • Variety of protections including corrosion resistance, rust protections, non-sparking, fire-retardant, slip-resistant and non-conductive for both thermal and electrical hazards.

Fiberglass flooring for oil refineries is among the most common oil industry applications but there are new models and methods arriving each year. The Oil & Gas Journal has even noted that FRP pipeline for use in the oil industry provides thermal superiority compared to steel. Crude oil pipelines must operate at significant temperatures to avoid was precipitation – which harms both the machinery and the quality of the oil – and FRP pipes help achieve this without reaching the point of scaling and its related damage and corrosion.

Custom FRP for Your Oil Refinery

Get the most out of FRP when you work with Marco Fiberglass for custom in-house fabrication of the mats, grips, flooring, handrails, stairs and panels that you need. We can create stock panels all the way through custom-engineering turn-key jobs.

With 25 years of experience creating custom FRP panels and flooring, Marco Fiberglass is your go-to for any FRP needs for the oil and gas industry. Learn more today.

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