Emergency Response Vehicles

FRP in Ambulances and Emergency VehiclesFRP for Emergency Vehicles

New Protection from FRP Grating, Structural Shapes and Stair Treads

Fiberglass has found a home in emergency vehicle flooring and other composite parts because it meets many requirements provided by the National Fire Protection Association’s NFPA 1917 document that sets a standard for automotive ambulance construction and design.

Fiberglass flooring in ambulances and grating for other emergency vehicles is becoming a popular option because it can withstand a wide range of conditions and provide stability through its construction.

FRP structural shapes, handrail systems and stair treads are a safe solution for emergency vehicles because of their customization features and ability to withstand harsh environments that need to stay clean.

Patients and equipment riding in the back of emergency vehicles have a smoother ride and feel less of the impact from bumps or potholes due to the flexible, tensile design.

Safety Benefits of Emergency Vehicle FRP Products

FRP flooring, structural shapes and stair treads for emergency vehicles allows each ambulance or emergency responder to have a safer environment in which to operate. FRP materials are less prone to absorbing moisture, rotting, mildewing and corrosion, meaning you’re less likely to have bacterial growth over time.

FRP in emergency vehicles also plays a larger safety role because of the composite materials and additives that can be used in its construction. Additives are able to expand the fire retardant nature and corrosive resistance of the standard FRP flooring, as well as added UV protection to improve the flooring and grating’s lifetime value.

Other safety benefits that emergency vehicles will see include:

  • Lightweight and high-strength composites,
  • Non-sparking surface
  • Non-conductive surface
  • Non-magnetic construction
  • Simple installation and ability to adjust or cut with standard tools to allow for the installation of new equipment
  • Low thermal conductivity

Affordable FRP Grating and Structural Shapes for Emergency Vehicles

Marco Fiberglass offers a variety of molded and pulturded grating products, fiberglass accessories and emergency vehicle FRP flooring designs. We recommend these products for emergency response vehicles because they offer many benefits and are easy to install and maintain.

Low maintenance requirements and a very high load strength allow the same flooring and grating to be used for years and years, even if it is consistently exposed to corrosive environments and high levels of traffic.

The cleaning required of emergency vehicles like ambulances will not harm the FRP flooring. That means you’re unlikely to see corrosion or broken flooring treads and handrails due to the normal wear of responding to emergency situations.

Molded grating and pulturded grating solutions also give you the option to have skid-resistant surfaces. This grit surface will give workers and equipment a surer footing as vehicles move about. That reduces the likelihood for accidents involving patients as well as workers, which can reduce your overall operational expenses.

The extra-grip flooring options remain non-porous so that it’ll help to eliminate bacterial breeding areas in a variety of applications.

Want to learn more? Reach out to Macro Fiberglass to see how we help emergency vehicles.

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