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Since 1992 the cooling tower market has been depending on Macro Fiberglass to supply quality FRP products. We offer FRP structural shapes, fiberglass grating and stair treads for various types of cooling tower applications. There are four basic types of cooling tower construction:

  • Modular Towers enjoy quick assembly with fewer parts using custom designed FRP shapes. Custom designed parts and connections help speed up field erections.
  • Reconstruction or Refurbishment of Existing Towers is important when wood beams or columns are rotted. FRP grating is a good non-corrosive material to use.
  • “Stick Built” Towers use FRP structural shapes like channels, angles, square tubes and round tubes. They also use FRP grating and fabricated ladders, walkways and platforms.
  • “Shop Built” Cooling Towers are factory assembled and shipped complete, and tend to be smaller. Standard shapes or custom shapes can be used.

FRP is the “green” solution to aging infrastructure. Cooling towers help in water resource recycling and FRP’s long life helps the process.

Traditional building materials don’t stand the test of time like FRP

Steel corrodes and wood deteriorates and weakens. FRP offers the strength but will not rot, rust or corrode. It’s a good cooling tower construction material alternative, as it weighs significantly less and doesn’t conduct electricity like steel. It is becoming more and more popular in the tower construction industry due to its durability (up to 50 years) and relatively low cost.

Fiberglass structural shapes can be useful in cooling towers in replacing standard wood. FRP channels, square tube, round tube and decking to name a few. Its cost-efficiency makes it the best choice.

Benefits of FRP is cooling towers

  • High durability: Lasts longer than most traditional building materials
  • Strength: Has the same strength as steel
  • Light weight: Relatively low weight when compared to steel or wood
  • Non-conductor and spark resistant: FRP has no valence electrons in its atom and therefore, does not conduct electricity and doesn’t spark
  • Low maintenance: There is no need to scrub to clean
  • Resistant to external constraints: It is resistant to corrosion, rust, rot and insects
  • Easy fabrication: Easy to transport and quick to install due to its low weight

Contact one of our friendly sales associates today for your cooling tower project. Marco Fiberglass has the quality FRP products to meet your needs!

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