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Fiberglass grating in construction equipment has moved beyond just flooring. While molded fiberglass and pultruded flooring is a good safe surface for flooring, FRP structural shapes and handrail systems are being used more due to their strength to weight ratio and non-conductive properties. Fiberglass stair treads and stair tread covers are useful to prevent slips and falls. Thus delivering significant cost savings and safety benefits.

Fiberglass Flooring for Heavy Construction Equipment

Both pultruded and molded grating provide significant structural advantages to help your workers stay safe.

Pultruded grating can have a coarse epoxy grit bonded to it at both the bearings and cross bars, reducing the likelihood of damage or slips. Molded grating provides skid-resistant surfaces which can help when heavy equipment jerks or needs to be loaded, helping your employees keep their footing.

Fiberglass flooring for construction equipment can also be designed to move liquids away from surfaces to help reduce slips and falls. In elements where your employees will be working with handheld tools, FRP flooring provides a non-conductive, non-sparking surface that reduces the risk of hazards related to those tools.

FRP Structural Shapes, Stairtreads and Handrails for Construction EquipmentFRP for Heavy Equipment

Heavy construction equipment benefits from the long lasting properties of FRP. This equipment makes good use of structural shapes in the cab while stair treads and stair tread covers are good non-slip and help with safety concerns. Handrail systems are corrosive resistant, non-sparking and sturdy to withstand the harsh construction environments.

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