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Architectural designs are evolving and the need for more lightweight and long-lasting construction materials is increasing. Traditional building materials like steel and wood are great, but aren’t cost-effective nor light weight and don’t provide a durable solution for architectural constructions. Fiberglass grating, on the contrary, is the perfect building material for architectural works – it is strong, weighs less and easy to maintain.

Macro Fiberglass specializes in providing FRP grating solutions for all your architectural needs. The FRP Architectural applications are almost endless so we have a breakdown of the most common.

  • Residential: balconies, screening, railings, fencing, stair railings, sunscreens, walkways and stairs
  • Docks and Decking: yacht club decking, ship decking, foot bridges, piers, decks, park equipment, boat lifts, walkways and stairs
  • Commercial: screening/sunscreens, rooftop walkways, parking garages, fencing and railings
  • Fountains and Pools: fountain decking, wave pool drainage, pool drainage covers and walkways, public pool drainage covers

Benefits of Fiberglass Grating in Architectural Solutions

FRP Grating, structural shapes, stair trads, handrail and ladder systems are widely used for architectural applications for many reasons. Its enhanced safety, unique appearance, resistance to weather or severe environment circumstances make FRP the perfect solution for your architectural needs.

  • Light weight, high strength: FRP construction materials weigh a fraction of steel and are easier to transport and install
  • Long-lasting: has a longer life span than traditional building material
  • Corrosion-resistant: FRP materials are resistant to corrosion, rust and rot, and won’t warp or bow
  • Slip Resistant: it remains safe when wet
  • Non-conductive: it does not conduct electricity
  • Low maintenance cost: it does not need painting because it comes molded in color
  • Impact resistant: it is made to prevent surface damage by distributing the mass of any load that falls on it
  • RF transparent: it has no interference with radio frequency waves
  • UV resistance: a special coating can be added for increased UV resistance on railings and ladder systems

Architectural FRP Fabrication Services

Marco Fiberglass can fabricate all its FRP products. Our full service FRP fabrication shop, located in Houston, Texas has all the necessary tools and talented fabricators ready to help with your custom FRP order. We have the know-how to fabricate FRP especially for architectural, esthetically pleasing environments.

Contact Marco Fiberglass today to speak with one of our experts to learn more about our full range of FRP options.

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