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High strength-to-weight ratios and fire-resistance are the hallmarks of top materials used in the aerospace industry. The ability to withstand traffic and resist common – plus unconventional – hazards has made FRP a go-to for aerospace flooring as well as other applications.

Aerospace fiberglass grating applications are taking the place of steel, aluminum and even wood in a variety of transportation scenarios. Looking beyond just standard fiberglass flooring for aerospace fabrications, FRP structural shapes, handrails and ladder systems are also finding their way into aircraft panels, interior fixtures, luggage bins and even the ladders and jet-ways that connect to aircraft.

Aerospace Fiberglass Fabrication Benefits

Airplanes and helicopters have both begun to adopt FRP for aerospace flooring and other applications, initially due to its strength and stiffness. Aerospace fiberglass applications and fabrication have expended in recent years to support more composite types and achieve greater results with proper orientation of fiber directions along primary load paths.

Aerospace fiberglass fabrication has expanded to basic models as well as some of the industry’s premium craft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350 XWB.

The expansion is due to the many benefits FRP provides for aerospace applications:

  • FRP and other composites typically absorb shock and damage at better rates than lightweight metals
  • FRP offers multiple methods to repair damage from injection and doublers to scarf repairs
  • Significantly reduced weight compared to metals when achieving a desired strength and support
  • Honeycomb designs to properly disperse weight and absorb impacts
  • Corrosion resistance to withstand travel, landings and even deployments from water
  • Non-conductive and non-sparking material, with enhanced protections when selecting pultruded fiberglass
  • Simple to install, replace or repair, especially compared to metal paneling
  • Easy to form into a wide range of shapes and thicknesses, all of which can be painted or coated
  • Minimal maintenance needs and easy to clean a variety of liquids or spills

Contact Us for Custom Aerospace FRP Fabrication

Fiberglass flooring for aerospace applications is just the start. Companies are turning to FRP for almost all of their high-impact applications on the aircraft as well as the terminals, ladders and other equipment required for proper maintenance and support of that craft.

Marco Fiberglass has many standard FRP grating and flooring options consistently used in the aerospace sector, but we do offer complete customization options for your operations. Custom crafted materials can make use of molded grating, pultruded FRP, structural shapes, handrail systems and FRP stairtreads in countless ways.

Molded fiberglass grating provides the utmost in corrosion resistance while also being heavily impact-resistant. It’s typically the lowest-cost FRP grating option available and is designed to withstand cutting for custom fits and to incorporate your equipment without a loss to its security or need for additional supports.

Pultruded fiberglass grating is optimized for strength and load-bearing, while still being highly corrosion resistant. Its unidirectional grating makes use of a higher glass content that allows it to remain lightweight and easy to install. It also offers the ability to be molded into surfaces with safety and grip in mind that also make use of its non-conductive construction.

Contact us directly for your aerospace fiberglass fabrication needs when you call toll free at 800-200-3047, or request an online quote.

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