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Marco Fiberglass has a long history of excellence and quality in our products and services.  We service a wide range of Industries as shown below:

Aerospace: FRP has become a go-to in the aerospace industry due to its high strength to weight ratios and fire-resistance. FRP is used in aerospace flooring as well as in other applications.

Architectural Solutions: Architectural designs are evolving and the need for more lightweight and long-lasting construction materials is increasing. Fiberglass grating, structurals and handrail systems are the perfect building material for architectural works – it is strong, weighs less and easy to maintain.

Bridges and Tunnels: FRP is useful when constructing pedestrian bridges and tunnels easier and more cost-effective. Fiberglass grating, in either molded or pultruded, structural shapes and especially handrail systems are well suited for bridges and tunnels.

Construction Equipment: FRP in construction equipment has moved beyond just flooring. New applications include structural shapes, handrails and more. Pultruded and molded grating for heavy equipment provide significant structural advantages to help your workers stay safe.

Cooling Towers: FRP is the “green” solution to aging infrastructure. Cooling towers help in water resource recycling and FRP’s long life helps the process.

Emergency Response Vehicles: Fiberglass floors in ambulances and grating for other emergency vehicles is becoming a popular option because it can withstand a wide range of conditions and provide stability through its construction.

Offshore Drilling: Fiberglass reinforced plastic is able to deliver significant safety and security for workers in almost any environment, including offshore. FRP is available in phenolic which is USCG tested to withstand heat and corrosion on rigs.

Oil Refineries: Materials for flooring, rigging, ladders, and panels need to be made to withstand significant hazards that arise due to and oil refinery’s extremes. Fiberglass flooring is available in phenolic and made to withstand everything from fires and thermal activities to saltwater sprays and other corrosive elements.

Power Plants: Fiberglass reinforced plastic has become a standard thanks to its ability to deliver less costly construction while maintaining the safety and reliability required by today’s power engineers

Railroads: Marco Fiberglass forges an extensive range of FRP grating for railroads with multiple on-car, train, and station applications designed to conform to the specifications set by the AAR – Association of American Railroads.

Recreational: Fiberglass reinforced plastic, or FRP, is able to withstand harsh conditions such as chlorinated water and sun exposure, which makes it an ideal solution for recreational spaces.

Security Fencing: FRP Security Fencing is an ideal security solution due to its anti-climb, anti-cut, and improved visibility features.

Shipping: Marco Fiberglass has a immense inventory of Fiberglass Grating, structural shapes, stair treads, ladder systems and handrail systems to fulfill all your shipping industry needs.

Water Treatment Plants: Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) has held a low price while maintaining significant corrosion resistance, making it a new choice for many water treatment plants, especially as the cost of traditional materials and commodities rises.

Wind Energy: Fiberglass Grating and structures provide immense benefits to help achieve success at high-speed winds, which are typically farther out to sea. A chief advantage of fiberglass grating is that the material is resistant to all kinds of corrosion and damage, including that caused by salt water.

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