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Molded Fiberglass Grating Products

 Marco Fiberglass is a premier supplier of structural FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) fiberglass grating products.
Whether it be a single panel or a turnkey fiberglass grating platform, our long-time experience and technical expertise will guide you through the process.

Proudly serving the Gulf Coast of Texas and Louisiana since 1992

Our FRP service center, located in Houston, TX specializes in molded grating, pultruded grating, phenolic FRP, structural shapes, platforms, ladder and handrail systems, and custom products for numerous industries.

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What is FRP?

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Fiberglass reinforced plastic, also known as fiberglass grating, has become a go-to construction material because it provides significant structural integrity at a reduced weight and sometimes a reduced cost.

FRP moves beyond other industrial materials and is able to deliver the same strength as steel at much less weight, as well as being less of a conductor of electricity. It’s finding its way into construction throughout the U.S. because of its ability to resist corrosion, rot and insects.

Some of the other benefits of industrial fiberglass reinforced plastic include:

  • Significant dimensional stability
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • RF transparency
  • Non-sparking
  • Non-magnetic
  • Impact resistant
  • Lighter than steel with exceptional strength-to-weight ratio
  • Quick to install with standard, existing tools in most applications

Advantages of Fiberglass Grating Products

Many companies are using fiberglass reinforced plastic in place of traditional structural timber, steel and aluminum. FRP is able to provide more resistance to harsh elements and works well across a wide range of deployments. This gives companies the ability to stock fewer materials and ease their transport – thanks to the lightweight nature of fiberglass reinforced plastic – but still tackle multiple jobs.

FRP is able to overcome many tough jobs where wood is prone to rot, steel succumbs to rust and aluminum dents or corrodes.

Fiberglass Grating

Fiberglass grating products are making their way into architectural and construction elements from traditional drain grating to modern designs that keep paths clear of liquids and debris.

Securing grating from an industrial FRP supplier like Marco Fiberglass ensures that your applications and installations will avoid common structural problems that plague steel grating, namely rust. FRP is designed to resist the long-term wear and is consistently used in harsh environments such as on docks and handrails exposed to saltwater. Many companies and engineers are surprised to discover that the grating at their local marina is FRP flooring even though it looks like traditional steel.

Industries are also turning to FRP grating because it can be treated and provide protection in areas other grating metals cannot tolerate. Common industrial uses of FRP grating include:

FRP Flooring

Industrial fiberglass grating products, also known as FRP flooring offers companies rigid strength but the ability to absorb impact, guide away liquids and withstand harsh environments or exposures. By offering a lightweight, low-maintenance solution many companies are able to integrate FRP flooring into their deck needs. Fiberglass reinforced plastic from an industrial FRP supplier moves beyond just standard grating. We are able to offer materials suitable to replace steel and concrete decks plus deliver penalized options that serve both pedestrian and light vehicle traffic.

While the industry constantly asks: what is FRP and what can it do? Marco Fiberglass views it as the go-to option to replace existing flooring and grating with a high-quality, reliable product that maintains quality long after the initial job or install is complete.

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